Vashikaran Yantra to Attract Men

There are so many 'Vashikaran Yantra'to attract Girls, but in this post today I post special Vashikaran Yantra', which is applicable to attract only for men.

This vashikaran Yantra is also applicable for the use of the womans whose husband has in relation / love with another woman and make a difference in relationship between them . This Yantra helps the married woman to retain their love with her husband and also teenagers can makes her loves under a Vashikaran Spell.

1. Collect a 'Bhojpatra'.
2. This Yantra has to be drawn on a Bhojpatra which is looks like above image with Saffron Paste.
3. Procedure will do in a auspicious day according to Islamic Calendar, at night.
4. After bath wear fresh cloth, sit in a silent place.
5. Make some paste with mixer of saffron and water.
6. Draw this Mantra' on ''Bhojpatra' with saffron paste,

After drawing woman should show plenty of Dhoop or Incense Stick to this 'Yantra' and after that bury this 'Yantra' in a desert place. Try to bury as deep as possible because, as long 'Yantra remains buried inside the ground, desired man remains under your control.


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